In the past the idea of eating out was an extravagance, but in recent years it has, for a number of us, become a necessity. The days are long gone when it was a luxury and you only went to any of the best restaurants in Manchester to celebrate a particular occasion. Now, you end up going to a restaurant simply because you are hungry and don’t have the time to get the ingredients and cook a regular meal in your own home. The ‘grab and go’ take-away ethos can make it simple for the ever-busy urban crowd to put a little something in their stomach while on the go.

And yet, nothing can beat eating at one of the best restaurants in Manchester just for the sheer joy of sampling gourmet meals and unusual cuisines. Not all restaurants are ‘good’ restaurants; there are numerous restaurants that will make you regret your selection the moment you step in. This article gives you some simple tips on how to distinguish the good from the bad.

You will know you are in one of the best restaurants in Manchester when the waiters:

• are well mannered and polite

• are dressed well in clean outfits

• listen precisely to your order and repeat it to you

• have the ability to make clear what exactly goes into any dish

• are no stranger to the wine

• ensure that every person at the table receives what they requested

• do not offer unsolicited small talk

• fade away into the background once the food is served but materialize at your side should you want them!

And you realize you are in an outstanding restaurant when

• it is airy with fresh air and natural light pouring in through clear windows

• it has a good view

• the illumination is just right – not too dark that you can’t read the menu or see what you are eating and yet not too bright that you feel as though you are in the limelight

• there is relaxing music playing in the background

• you find delightful artwork on the walls that are painted in shades which are pleasing to the eye

• you are served an excellent sized main course

• you are offered an entrée or dessert on the house

• you can sense the waiters along with the staff in the kitchen are working in tandem

• the meals are cooked to perfection and served with flair

If you walk into any eating venue, find the waiters are not dressed well and move around with a disinterested look, it would be best to walk out at once rather than wait around to learn that you wasted your time and money.

On rare occasions, you just might find a top rated Manchester restaurant where the food is remarkably appetizing but the service is bad. In those cases, opting for take-away would probably at least ensure that you get a good meal without losing your cool. Then there are those places to eat that have the best customer service but the meal tastes dreadful, or the helpings are too small, or everything on the menu is too costly or not available, the tables and silverware are dirty, and so on. There are also those restaurants where the same meal tastes different the the next occasion you eat there. The quantity is less, the cost is a great deal more, or the standard has gone down.

Occasionally, you will discover every little thing is to your liking: waiters who provide you the ideal meal with the perfect smile, and you might have had an excellent time. But, regrettably, you may fall very ill as soon as you get back home so you would probably curse the food and swear you won’t eat out in the future! Kitchen hygiene is something which you don’t get to see yourself. If the restaurant chooses to be spic and span in the serving area, and neglects the kitchen area you can be in for serious trouble.

It takes just one bad experience to put you off a restaurant for the rest of your lifetime. So decide on your restaurant with care, read critiques, and talk to friends about the eatery before you go there. When it is for a special occasion or you are going on a first date, it is advisable to go where you have been before.

Almost all restaurants begin with everything picture perfect. However those that take a laid back approach and stop listening to consumer comments slowly decline with time both in the quality of food and service. These restaurants are forced to shut eventually because of insufficient patronage. The best restaurants in Manchester have knowledgeable, well-dressed, and courteous personnel, and provide a tasty fare every single time are the ones that are absolutely sure of a consistent and growing clientele over the years.

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