You can find some of the best restaurants in Miami in the upscale enclave locals refer to as “ Brickell,” Miami.  William and Mary Brickell — the founding father and mother of Greater Miami and the Beaches — named a tree-adorned street after their estate, Brickell Ave.  Ever since then, it has been linked with opulence and distinction. Now, Brickell, Miami- the international banking and commerce center of Greater Miami, south of the Miami River – is embracing its newest starring role as home to some of the best restaurants in Miami.

Brickell, the new home to some of the best restaurants in Miami has recently experienced a boom in the dining and bar scene.  The Brickell dining explosion is connected with the population growth in the condominium real estate market in the adjacent areas.  Over the past ten years or so, the local population has nearly doubled as occupiers fill up the new condominiums.  Many of the residents in the surrounding area are professionals and affluent.  This combination makes the area of Brickell very attractive for restaurant owners and retailers alike making it a prime real estate magnet for some of the best restaurants in Miami.   The Brickell dining boom started in 2006 with hamburger joints and Irish beer taverns popping up.  Recently the dining options have turned to more upscale eateries catering to the swanky crowd that lives in the surrounding area. The dining selections range from opulent steakhouse, succulent seafood, delectable Italian restaurants, mouthwatering bistros and more.  Brickell Key is red hot right now, having developed a personality of its own different from the South Beach.    No one would have said that not even 4 years ago with South Beach having had maintained itself as the epitome for dining indulgence in Miami.

Some of the Best Restuarants in Miami, Brickell are more urban and sophisticated

The atmosphere in Brickell is more urban, cosmopolitan, refined and sophisticated whereas the beach attracts more tourists and trend setters.  More than a dozen new restaurants and bars opened in the Brickell area last year and even more than that in the area of Downtown Miami.  Just knowing that the parking is less congested than the beach, that you don’t have to drive as far, and that you won’t have to deal with $15, $18 and even $20 parking and traffic hang ups, really is motivation to stay on this side of the causeway.  The atmosphere among the choice of eateries gravitates form formal – chic to leisurely and casual. One thing you can count on is a fabulous experience enjoying some of the best cuisine the city has to offer.   Miami Beach is no longer the only option to be in the center of foodie action.   The Brickell area is rapidly becoming the trendiest hot spot for dining, with more high-end brasseries on the way.  If you’re after a succulent dinner at one of the best restaurants in Miami, Brickell surely has something to tantalize your appetite.

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