Many entrepreneurs see the potential of the restaurant business and are eager to explore new ideas. This has created fierce competition, and you’ll have to work hard to be the best.

Startup businesses often fail within their first year because they are not prepared or take the right decisions. You need to make your way in a crowded market like the food industry.

It’s not easy to get into the restaurant industry. There are many things to think about before you start. We can help!

Let’s begin with the most important points you should consider:

How can you choose a restaurant idea?

The restaurant’s concept is the theme it represents. You can choose the restaurant concept that suits your needs best. Your budget will determine the concept. The concept can also include your restaurant’s menu design and service style, dining area, style of food, interior, and decor.

This blog will highlight 17 restaurant business ideas that you can use to start your restaurant. These business ventures are less risky and require little investment. They also offer high returns.

Start-up ideas for conventional food and restaurant business models:

Quick Service Restaurant:

Start with fast-food restaurants. QSR’s are well-known for their quick delivery. QSR’s are known for their fast delivery. Self-service restaurants allow customers to collect their food.

These services include take-out or outlet dining. You will need a minimum investment to open a QSR. This includes a space for rent, equipment and less staff. To operate your business, you will need three licenses: a shop establishment license, a police eatery license, and permission from the municipal authority.

The location largely determines QSR. Your QSR business must be established in densely populated areas like hospitals, large office buildings, airports, or universities. You should also budget for promotion.

QSR is the perfect business for you if you want to build a restaurant brand. Your brand will take at least 2 years to develop. QSR chains such as McDonald’s, Subway and Dominos are all successful, including McDonald’s, KFC and Subway.

Ghost Kitchen

Ghost kitchens are restaurants that only deliver. They don’t offer any dining space. The food is prepared in the kitchen and delivered directly to the customer’s home. This venture is less expensive and can be targeted at more customers.

If you’re new to the restaurant business and are looking for a high-profit restaurant business, the Ghost Kitchen could be the right choice. You can cook the food in your kitchen, so the initial investment is negligible. This will allow you to save money on monthly rentals. You need to keep up with your offline and online marketing efforts, and you’ll soon see an increase in orders.

Casual Dining Restaurant

This is one of the restaurant industry’s most profitable food business ideas. They are relatively low-cost investments, but they can generate high revenues within 18 months. Casual dining restaurants have a profit margin of between 20-25%.

To open a casual dining restaurant, you don’t need to live in a luxurious area. Instead, malls and shopping streets are good options. You should not have less than 2000 square feet and ensure ample parking.

Licenses are required for shop establishments, police eating houses, fire safety certificates, local municipal authority permissions with seating capacity, FSSAI licenses, liquor licenses and GST registration. You will also need at least 15 employees. Casual dining restaurants offer a casual atmosphere and a popular menu.

Fine Dining Restaurant

Fine dining is the best choice if you want to appeal to a select audience. It is important to have a beautiful setting, top-notch service, excellent seating, and a great atmosphere. You must also provide an exceptional experience for your customers. You must provide exceptional service, great food, and a marketing strategy to succeed in your restaurant’s fine dining experience.


Cafes are very popular these days. Cafes are a great place to grab a coffee or other beverages. Cafes can be used to cater to corporates, college-goers, or locals. You only need a place with good decor, basic kitchen equipment, quality staff, and high-quality food. You can also explore outdoor seating and rooftop cafes.

Food trucks

This low-investment food business requires only a truck. A second-hand truck can be easily converted into a food truck. You will need 3-4 employees, some licenses such as a Fire Safety Certificate, Shop Establishment License or NOC From RTO, NOC From Municipal Corporation, FSSAI Mobile Vendor’s License, and Kitchen Insurance. You can make a lot of money in this food business.

You can target different demographics with this food business. Plus, you can change your location. People are looking for fast food they can enjoy. There might be a long line at food trucks. A food truck’s profit margin is approximately 50%. The profit margins will vary depending on the food and the location.

Pop-up restaurants

The pop-up restaurant concept is a new trend and works well during festivals. This can be done from your home, vehicle, or other open space. Profitable opportunities can be found when there is high demand for these special occasions.

Juice Bars

You don’t have to open a restaurant. Instead, you can set up a juice bar with fresh juices and shakes. This is a great way to save money and have your own space. It is easy to place your juice bar near schools, gyms, or busy markets so that people will notice you.

Breweries and beer-houses

Your brewery can offer beer and other alcohol. The location will determine the cost of your investment, but high demand can make it a good investment.

Bars and Pubs

You can offer a wide range of drinks in bars and pubs. Drinks are more popular with friends, so order sizes and costs can increase. This business has high-profit margins.

We have other options for food businesses if you aren’t willing to take on risks in the restaurant industry.

Baking at Home

This option is for you if you are a baker and enjoy baking cakes and cookies. Bakers have been a popular career choice for many entrepreneurs. You can also connect to local shops and have them place your products on the shelves. You can also sell them online through your platform or tie-up with existing online bakeries.


A catering business is the best way for a small business to begin. You will need to create a niche in the food industry, make a few connections and offer your services at special events. You will also need an FSSAI license and registration to run your business.

Local Delivery Network

You can order delivery services if you don’t want to cook.

It is important to link the chefs/restaurants with the caterers and people looking for tiffin. It would be best to build a strong network to make this venture a success. Consider collaborating with grocery store personnel and PG managers. You can market your business using social media. Post your ads to reach a wide audience.

Tiffin Services

People who move away from their homes often seek out homemade food. People love to order tiffins that provide freshly prepared home-cooked food. You can offer your food to students and corporate clients and charge them monthly for the delivery. This will ensure that your food business has a consistent payment stream.

Dinner or Supper Club

This is where customers can submit their interest in dining at a restaurant. Your supper club would evaluate all applicants and assign a time slot to each one. This venture will help you stand out among the other food businesses.

Unusual food and restaurant ideas that work:

Cooking classes

Online or offline cooking classes are also possible. You can target both beginners and experienced cooks if you are a good cook. Promoting your business is key to ensuring it reaches the right people.

It is time to go online, especially on Youtube. YouTube could be a place where you upload your cooking videos. Get feedback from others and build your social media presence. As you grow, you will build your website further to expand your food business.

Food blogs

You might have considered starting a blog if you’re a foodie. Now is the right time to go online and start your food blog. Your blog can be used to showcase the dishes you have cooked and attract a lot of visitors. As you get enough traffic to your blog, you can start monetizing it and making good money. Pinterest, Facebook and Snapchat can be used to promote your site and make money as an affiliate or influencer.

Promoting your business is key to success in today’s digital world. In today’s digital age and fast-paced world, word of mouth alone is not enough to promote your business. To reach large audiences, you need to use various social media platforms. You can market your business by investing your time in innovative ideas.

These restaurant business strategies and ideas will help you be a major player in the restaurant industry. Restroapp can help you cost-effectively market your restaurant business.


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